Sarah Coleman's approach

A genuine appreciation for the creative process of interior design, as well as the relationships necessary to make a project successful, are what define Sarah Coleman’s approach. Combining years of New York showroom experience with a curator’s eye and collector’s knowledge, Sarah offers her clients a truly unique skill set. Her success is illustrated by these clients – many engage Sarah time and time again, decorating multiple homes over the years. From Tribeca lofts and Brooklyn brownstones, to Connecticut country homes and newly built residences in New Jersey, Sarah's unwavering focus remains the same: to create chic and timeless interiors that bring pride and comfort to her clients, and provide a beautiful backdrop to their lifestyles, for years to come.

By finding pieces that speak singularly to each client's home, Sarah melds a true flair for vintage eclecticism with a strong sense of space and proportion. Each project effortlessly conveys the idea of livable elegance through a mix of refined antiques, treasured family collections, contemporary art and cozy upholstery. By tailoring a room, or entire residence, to align with her clients’ wishes, Sarah abandons a need to adhere to any one signature “look”, instead opting to provide a point of view that is fearless and sophisticated. Through her network of dealers, craftsmen, and shopkeepers across the country, Sarah is able to offer her clients design choices that ensure the end results meet, and often exceed, their initial expectations.

After living in NYC for eight years, Sarah and her family now reside in Charleston, South Carolina. Their home, a mid-century ranch house which they renovated extensively, is a bit different from their former Brooklyn apartment. In a town filled with an outstanding array of antique shops and art galleries, yet only a quick flight back to the D & D Building in Manhattan, Sarah truly feels that Charleston is the best of both worlds, providing inspiration on a daily basis.